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Competition is on till the 27th of March noon <3 just show us the confirmation email you received alongside with your email address and we drop your name in our glass ball! 


Highly trained professionals behind the desk. 

Exceptional layout and operation system,over and above COVID safety requirements.

Wide product range, top quality tanning lotions, which are tested by our experts before stocking them in our Salon.

Full confidence. All your information is safe with us. We understand how important for you to go to a trustworthy Tanning Salon, therefore we do not give out any information about our members in any circumstances. 



All of our tanning beds are EU-Safety Regulated which is unique in Ireland as Ireland did not participate the European Safety Regulation for sunbeds which means non of the sunbeds are regulated except ours, our UV emission is as low as 0.3W/m2 

Kiwisun's unique BIO greenlight therapy technology is the most trusted tanning technology in Europe and the best choice for those, who would like to tan but are conscious not to burn their skin.

Our system is radiobiologically proven sunbed system

Continuous developments working closely with doctors, physicists and researchers

8 meditation music channel in all of our beds and 2 minutes sauna session provided in our Vertical sunbed.




Our unique technology with 20 years of development working close with physics, doctors and researchers, Kiwisun is the most popular and trusted tanning salon in the EU since 1997 with over 70 successful salons proven in 7 countries and finally available for you too! Our beds are unique, made from solid, best quality materials. They are our own development and so as our Bio Skinangel® tubes, which developed together with the machine itself and not paired randomly. The Kiwisun Tanning experience is designed for those sunbed users who  would like to tan with relief knowing they are using the most reliable sunbed system on the market.