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The most common questions we receive

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Are your beds safe then?

Unfortunately there is no difference made in Ireland between regular sunbeds and our EU-regulated, strictly controlled beds, therefore the same rules/law applies for our salon, we can not promote ourselves as safe tanning. The only fact we can say is, every sunbed over 0.3w/m2 value has been announced unsafe and they are banned in many countries for health and safety reasons. If you would like to know more about us, the best we can advise is to look for our partner franchise salons which are based outside of IRL and read through their website.

How many minutes should I purchase and when should I start my tanning session?

It is very different for everybody, all depends from your skin type. If there is an event you would like to be tanned for we recommend to start your journey at least 1 month earlier, so we have enough time to work with. Most people buy the €75 or the €100 tanning pass to start with and they top it up if they need more minute. These packages also includes a bottle of accelerator which is exactly what you need to get started.

What is the Kiwisun difference?

Kiwisun is a well known tanning brand in Europe due to the high standards, the self developed technology and the most reliable tanning technology. Our tanning beds and tubes are developed together, not paired randomly, therefor the quality what we can offer is first class and unique to our name.

- We set the bar really high with our hygiene standards, customer service and luxury SPA experience

-Our machines are all working with EU-regulated Bio Skinangel tubes, which offers you a pleasure and effective tanning with less UV emission.

-Our facial, décolletage and shoulder tanner does not contain quartz halogen ( quartz halogen dries and ages the skin It can be found in every facial tanners, the only exceptions are Kiwisun's tanning machines)

-They are working on a lower wavelength.

-We have the only radiobiologically proven sunbed system.

-Our beds are working under a strictly controlled franchise system with central blocking computer background and official records.

Complementary sauna session? Why?

Yes! We  provide you with 2 minutes complementary sauna session before your tanning session, if you choose to use our stand up bed.  Working out or using sauna before your tanning session is very helpful so we recommend to tan after gym rather then before gym. The sauna is very useful as well because it will gently warm your skin, expanding the pores thus helping to achieve a more even and longer lasting tan. 

Do I get any free minutes if I buy a tanning pass?

No, unfortunately we are not allowed to give out any free minutes at any event. The sunbed regulations are valid to all sunbed studios, and from 2014 non of the tanning studios are allowed to give any happy hour, instead we have amazing cream offers with tanning passes, where you can still save your money.

What do I have to bring for my tanning session? Should I make any preparation?

The most important is your ID card, we have to check your details and photo ID every time you visit our salon, without ID you cannot use our services unfortunately. We also recommend to wear mask in the salon and you can remove it during your session or you can fully cover your face if you wish, in this case we recommend you to bring your own towel. If you are not comfortable to tan naked you can bring a swimsuit as well. 

Please do not apply any product on your skin other then the products we sell in the salon, we provide make-up removers and wipes so perfume and make-up can be easily removed, but any body lotion, spf or any unknown sunbed lotion usage is not recommended. We recommend to exfoliate 24 hours before your tanning session, but it is not necessary, just recommendation. 

What are indoor tanning products for?

We highly recommend to use tanning lotion before your session. If your not using a sunbed cream or tanning accelerator, your skin will reflect as much as half of the UV energy also your tan will be more even with using indoor tanning lotions and you hydrate your skin which is also very important,  When you are tanning, dry skin reflects the light, not allowing UV rays to be absorbed as quickly as when using a lotion. By using a lotion, you are allowing more UV light to penetrate your skin more quickly, which can develop tan up to 60% faster. Dry skin is not healthy skin; so it is essential to keep your skin in optimum condition. These creams have an ingredient called Tyrosine. It’s an amino acid and serves to stimulate the production of melanin. For the people who do not know, melanin is the protein that colors your skin. If you can “feed” this protein, you are going to tan more quickly and consistently.

But do I still get tanned if I don't burn my skin? I always had to burn to have a colour!

 You certainly do tan, and you do not have to fry your skin to get results, the key is patience.  With us you are choosing a more controlled environment to tan, only 0.3W/m2 which is the strength of the midday natural mediterranean sunlight, 10-15 times less then the regular sunbeds.

We keep repeating this phase: there is no such a thing as quick tanning... Only quick burning and quick fading, so it can be repeated 2 days later! The colour you achieve with that is obviously burnt artificial looking, let alone that each time you burn your skin you damage it more and more. As our skin has memory, the more you burn the skin the higher risk you take.   


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