Black Care Experience

Black Care Experience is a tanning package bought to maximum perfection, created for satisfying highest demands with the most possible accessories. ( A 160 W upper part with special performance and a 100W lower part with intense performance.) Large space with little gap for those who feels uncomfortable in closed placed.


- 52/27 lamp
- 160 W extra power
-Digital sound system with volume control
- Turbo fan to set in 5 degrees
- Digital control with tech display
- Breeze refreshing spray
- Relaxing digital sound therapy (sounds of a sea, sounds of breeze and bird song complemented with musical instruments)

- Welcome speech
- Shoulder tanning ,Face tanning , Décolletage tanning without using quartz halogen ( no wrinkles, sunburn or dryness) 




The Infra Sauna prepares the skin for the tanning before using our Bio Skinangel tanning tubes. It warms up the skin expands the pores so the tanning becomes more successful and long-lasting. Now we can enjoy the well-know biological benefits of infra radiation in the tanning bed as well. This future can be easily switched off at any point or skipped from the start.


 -Infra sauna preparation (prepare the skin for tanning)
- Speaking solarium (welcomes the quest, explains the operation of the machine, at bronzing time end it say good-bye to the quest)
- Elliptical form (the only PERFECT tanning At equal distance from each point of the body!)
- Relax digital sound therapy

- CBS (cyber blue sky) decorating light
- Voice guide
- stereo speakers
- digital control
- Fan
- Operating time counter
- Post-cooling fan 
- Mirror reflector 
- professional rapid bronzing tourbotube


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